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The call for sponsors is now closed – but a huge thank you to all of our great sponsors!

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Are you interested in sponsoring the first ever event concerning WordPress and accessibility?

Do you want to show your commitment to make WordPress available to everybody, and particularly for people with disabilities?

Read more information about sponsorship levels!

Why should I be sponsoring?

Sponsoring WordPress Accessibility Day is a unique opportunity to show your support and commitment to make the WordPress Community and the Open Source Software Community more aware of the need to make the web accessible.

WordPress powers hundreds of millions of websites all over the world and is the most used Content Management System. Many people use it for both personal and professional use and they want to make their websites available to everyone. 

Considering that the number of content creators, designers, and developers who understand the importance of accessibility is constantly growing, sponsoring WordPress Accessibility Day will be the perfect chance to get your product or service in front of hundreds of top level WordPress professionals.

What is my money going to be used for?

Event organizers always struggle to balance between offering participants the best experience and keeping expenses as low as possible. The global conference is going to be virtual, which will keep costs as low as possible, but we still need money to get everything working.

Why? As WordPress Accessibility Day is about accessibility, we are committed to making the event as accessible as possible for everybody. This adds one need that is extremely expensive and that we need to be covered somehow: captioning live streaming talks. This is something that needs to be done by professionals, so that everybody will have the best experience ever.

The event is open to non-English presenters, which also opens possibilities for non-English captioning and live translation. While we’re only guaranteeing English captioning at this time, if we’re able to raise the funds, we’ll do what we can to provide those resources. Practically, we won’t know our needs until after selecting speakers, but if you’re interested in specifically supporting non-English services, please let us know!

But if expenses are high, you are going to ask for a lot of money!

Sponsorship packages are flexible, so that you can balance between your willingness to contribute and your economical possibilities. We are still finalizing how we are going to thank you for your contribution, but we will publish all details here in the next few weeks. As soon as the sponsor agreement is signed and your payment has been received, we are going to put your name on the website.

If this is the first time you’ve sponsored a WordPress event and you need more information, feel free to reach out to the organizing team — we will be happy to answer and help you decide!

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The call for sponsors is now closed! Thank you for thinking of us!

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