Announcing our first round of speakers

We’re super excited to be able to start announcing speakers for the first WP Accessibility Day. We’ve got an absolutely fabulous selection of speakers and topics, and we hope you’re as excited as we are about what’s coming up in October.

Keep watch here for upcoming rounds of speaker announcements and the grand unveiling of the full 24-hour schedule!

Alicia St Rose

Alicia St Rose

Alicia St Rose began her adventure with WordPress when a UX friend offhandedly suggested using the CMS for a mutual friend’s website. That was over 10 years ago and the adventure has turned into a torrid love affair. Now she is a freelance developer, exclusively powered by WordPress, and has yet to find a limitation in this magical piece of software.

She is owner, principal designer and developer at WP with Heart, a small agency that employs one…so far. In addition to creating for WordPress, she provides an online one on one coaching for DIY website creators. She is also a Creativity and Mindshift Mentor, empowering people to bust through their own limitations in order to radically express their authentic and creative selves.

Mitchell Evan, CPWA

Mitchell Evan, CPWA

Mitchell Evan has coached design and development teams for nine years, harnessing his ADHD creativity to achieve enterprise-scale accessibility through the power of authoring tools, UI frameworks, and design systems. Most recently he led the VPAT reporting practice at Level Access, applying international accessibility standards (WCAG 2.1, Section 508, and EN 301 549) to web applications, native software, authoring tools, and two-way communications. Mitchell recently moved from San Francisco to Berlin to help build delightfully inclusive technology in the new era of European accessibility directives.

Meryl K. Evans

Meryl K. Evans

Born hearing-free, Meryl’s first encounter with captions came in 1983 when she received a closed-caption decoder. Because she depends on captions to follow the video, she has seen the best and worst of captions. Fast forward decades later, Meryl’s digital marketing career has come in handy in educating people about the benefits of captioning videos and captioning them well. 

When she started making videos, she wanted to caption them. As a self-employed professional, she worried about the investment to make this happen. Through trial-and-error, she figured out an effective process for creating awesome captions. That led her to create the 10 Rules of Great Captions. Since then, how-to videos and guides have educated and encouraged many to start captioning their videos. She has also created and promoted the use of #Captioned in social media to help people find captioned videos.

Joe Hall

Joe Hall

Joe has been a WordPress developer and SEO for the last 11 years. He first became interested in accessibility consulting back to the 90s, but, mostly does technical SEO for medium size companies, non-profits, and enterprise level brands.

He is passionate about accessible, highly optimized, and fast WordPress themes.

Christina Workman

Christina Workman

Christina Workman is a Support Technician at Web Dev Studios / Maintainn.  As an advocate for contributing to WordPress, she recently launched the wp_contribute() podcast and helps organize WordCamp US, WordCamp Calgary and the Calgary WordPress Meetup.

She has a passion for teaching kids STEM and improving her accessibility skills. Outside of WordPress, Christina is a purple-o-phile, tea fanatic and lover of British detective shows.

Hidde de Vries

Hidde de Vries

Hidde is a Web Developer and Accessibility Specialist at the W3C’s Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI), based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. As part of the WAI-Guide project, he works on the accessibility of authoring tools like CMSes and website creators, and guidance that supports the web content accessibility guidelines (WCAG). He has over 10 years of experience working as a freelance front-end developer and accessibility person for organisations like Mozilla and the Dutch government. On his blog, he writes regularly about reusable components, CSS and web accessibility.

Volunteer for WP Accessibility Day!

Volunteering is a great way to help make this event great. Don’t have the time to help organize? Volunteer! Not ready to speak? Volunteer! Don’t have the resources to sponsor? Volunteer!

We need volunteers to help introduce speakers, take questions, and monitor chat during the event. We’re hoping to have as many people involved as possible – you can volunteer for one session or a whole day; whatever you’re prepared to do!

Call for Sponsors is now live!

Are you interested in sponsoring the first ever event concerning WordPress and accessibility? Do you want to show your commitment to make WordPress available to everybody, and particularly to people with disabilities?

There is an easy way to do that: help us by covering expenses!

Why should I be sponsoring?

The number of content creators, designers, and developers who understand the importance of accessibility is constantly growing: sponsoring WordPress Accessibility Day will be the perfect chance to get your product or service in front of hundreds of top level WordPress professionals.

By sponsoring WordPress Accessibility Day you are showing your support and commitment to make the WordPress Community more aware of the need to make the web accessible.

What is my money going to be used for?

We want to make the event as accessible as possible to everybody: at the very least, we are committed to offering professional live captioning during the streaming of all talks in English and to review session subtitles after the event.

Since we are also accepting non-English presenters, if we are able to raise enough funds we’ll try and provide live translation and captioning. We won’t know our needs until after selecting speakers, but let us know if you are interested in supporting these specific services.

What does a sponsorship cost?

To allow everyone to contribute according to their means, we are offering three sponsoring packages:

  • Gold level: $1000;
  • Silver level: $500;
  • Bronze level: $250.

If you are willing to contribute a different amount, let us know – all sponsorships are managed on an individual basis.

As soon as the sponsor agreement is signed and your payment has been received, we will place your name and logo on the website (we’ll publish more about the different levels of sponsorships soon.)

Ready to donate? Check out the call for sponsors!

Our Call for Speakers is open!

Speaker applications are now open! Applications will be open until August 15th, 2020 – we look forward to hearing what you want to say!

We are looking for speakers willing to share their knowledge and experience to enrich participants. Why don’t you take this opportunity to contribute as a speaker to this event? Help inspire the WordPress community and improve its accessibility awareness!

Why should I apply?

Speaking at the first-ever WordPress Accessibility Day is a great opportunity for personal growth: it will stimulate you to deepen your knowledge and skills and to leave your comfort zone. As a speaker, we hope you’ll learn a lot – perhaps more than you will teach!

WordPress Accessibility Day will be a great opportunity to get in touch with people from all over the world: being a speaker will give you a lot of visibility and allow you to connect with people all across the whole spectrum of WordPress users and creators.

What kinds of talks are we looking for?

If you have some experience with accessibility, you know that a lot of different specialties are involved: there are technical aspects where developers are more at ease, design aspects to spot and fix, and content creators have a key role in improving web accessibility.

We want all of these aspects to be touched and we want them to be touched at all levels of expertise.

The WordPress Community includes people all the way from developers who are accessibility professionals to business owners just now being exposed to the topic of website accessibility.

Everything that touches on the intersections between WordPress and Accessibility will be considered!

Visit our call for speakers!