Accessibility by Default in Authoring Tools

Talk by Susanna Laurin / View Slides

This presentation will describe ongoing research in built-in accessibility by default in authoring tools with the goal of disrupting the market. It will inspire developers and designers by showing what is possible to achieve when providing accessibility support and teach content creators and website owners what to require from their suppliers. More than 50% of accessibility fails are created by web authors. Most of them have limited experience in accessibility.

With increasing accessibility regulations in Europe, hundreds of thousands of web authors need training. There is no chance the market can meet that training demand. But what if authoring tools could provide built-in accessibility by default? In an EU-funded research project called WE4Authors Cluster, a consortium of some of the most used authoring tools in public sector in Europe (Drupal, Plone, Joomla, SiteVision and Tiny MCE) are working together to provide better accessibility support for web authors, lead by market leading accessibility consultancy Funka.

In the project, accessibility features are prototyped and tested with web authors, to prioritise and agree on best practice to help content creators publish accessible content. The results will be shared with the whole community.

Questions on “Accessibility by Default in Authoring Tools

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