Creating Accessible Content with WordPress

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A perfectly coded website will still break down if the content isn’t written and built accessibly. Learn how to write content that is accessible to everyone, and how to quickly evaluate themes and plugins for basic accessibility.

Questions on “Creating Accessible Content with WordPress

  1. QUESTION: For alt text, you spoke of images of blocks of text needing alt text that is the same text; when is that too many words? Is there a limit defined by WCAG for number of words in Alt Text?

  2. QUESTION: What are the best practices when it comes to alt text and data heavy charts? Should you just summarize the main takeaway or include all the details? (ex. bar chart comparing results)

  3. Q: As an Automattic member, what can we expect in the near and distant future in terms of CMS changes to improve the accessibility experience?

  4. QUESTION: Does Gutenberg / Block Editor always pull in the Alt Text that has been entered in the Media Library? Also, does the editor permit overriding that already-entered Alt Text on local post ?

  5. FOMO is a famous (or infamous?) technique used in eCommerce industry where counter is used to increase the sale. Does it make a site inaccessible?

  6. QUESTION: For external links — those that take users away from my client’s site get a target=”_blank” — in order to keep traffic on client’s site . . . is that confusing the disabled in some way?

  7. Q: The majority of the websites for News Broadcasting Agencies or Media Agencies don’t really offer much accessibility options. Why is this a case? Thoughts?

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