Gutenberg Accessibility: A Screen Reader Users Perspective

Talk by Raghavendra Satish / View Slides

I have been building websites using WordPress for about 12yrs & during this time I had the experience of working with WooCommerce, BuddyPress, bbPress & a great number of plug-ins & themes… I have seen WordPress evolving in incorporating accessibility day by day…when Gutenberg came out there was a cry from the accessibility & disability community & I was curious initially… I waited for Gutenberg to merge into core & then slowly followed its progress during all this time, as a person with visual disability & accessibility specialist I took a critical look at the accessibility & usability of Gutenberg & I will be sharing my findings, learnings & my opinions in this talk.

These are some of the things I will be covering in my talk

  • Why Gutenberg needs a learning curve even for power screen reader users
  • Demo of using Gutenberg with a screen reader
  • Usability problems while working with a screen reader
  • Accessibility problems

Questions on “Gutenberg Accessibility: A Screen Reader Users Perspective

  1. Unexpected changes of focus are one of the WP Accessibility Team’s common complaints about Gutenberg. How often, roughly, do you feel that happens in your usage of Gutenberg?

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