How to use ARIA in forms

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Web forms are very important in web projects. Your visitors contact you, order products, filter results or subscribe to your newsletter.

To have a good conversion on your forms they need to be robust and work flawlessly. Also for people that rely on assistive technology like a screen reader or voice recognition software.

Accessible Rich Internet Applications (ARIA) is a set of HTML5 attributes and can help to give feedback on what is happening in a form. Thus, making your forms fully understandable .

Rian will demonstrate this with a couple screen reader demonstrations. You’ll get better understanding of how screen reader users fill out a form and which information they may miss. And how to do it the right way.

This talk is for front-end developers who want to understand what ARIA can do and how to improve their work.

Questions on “How to use ARIA in forms

    1. The timing between the announcement of the label and the placeholder is a VoiceOver issue that will be solved soon in a future release.

  1. what advice did you have for the Gutenberg team, Gutenberg is a big form, but tab order is a mess and not all the time aria is used to provide descriptions for screen readers?

  2. The advice I would give the Gutenberg is:
    Listen to the Accessibility Team. Keep them informed about coming changes and work with them. Test with a keyboard and a screen readers. And fix what is broken before adding new functionality.

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