The Case For Captions

Talk by Abha Thakor

Captioning online video content should be an integral and indispensable part of the making process.

Abha Thakor explores the reasons for this, in a talk which covers the importance of inclusion, accessibility and a wider business imperative. She looks at the availability of today’s technology, and how it has moved from the clunky subtitling of the past to the smart use of closed captioning. She also considers the impact of AI on the process.

Participants will be given details of how to get involved in the WordPress community’s work on subtitling. You will leave this talk with the ability to improve your global messaging reach through easy to understand steps.

Questions on “The Case For Captions

  1. Q: Very interesting about non-english speaking countries have adopted captions at a greater rate. Which countries set the standard in terms subtitles?

  2. Q: SEO and Youtube is a hidden gem for building our online footprint. As there are rules for effective content for web pages (links, etc) for captioning to help videos rank more?

  3. Q: ​What is your opinion in delaying audio & video signal at live events in order to give more time to Live Transcribers or AI tools to be correct the subs or captions and deliver them synchcronized?